Handling & Accuracy

Started on May 24, 2024

This course focuses on specifics of efficient draw skills, proper handling and grip of firearm, placing effective shots on target, multiple targets and advanced accuracy drills. Participants also learn of the right firing stance and correct triggering.


  1. Stance.
  2. Grip and Handling.
  3. Triggering and Advanced Triggering.
  4. Site Picture and Focus.
  5. Advanced Marksmanship.

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Our Range is located at Lifariking, Khubetsoana, Along Main North 1. The range is accessible from the main road and upon entering the main big gate, proceed past the buildings and you will see the range further on.

About Action

Action Shooting Range is a wing of Action Pty Ltd. We specialise in personal safety and security as well as a responsible use and care of firearms for safety.

Our Offices

5886 5566 / 5058 5732

Room 206, Block B, Victoria Hotel, Maseru.

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